In 1974, he began his own activity as a freelancer, in Churriana (La Noria) - Málaga, with the manufacture of wooden pedal boats, with the PEDAFLOT model patent, registered in 1950, by Félix Ollangure, who sold him the rights to Mr. Manuel Moreno Marín, of said patent.

During the same year, the modernization of the new technology in P.R.F.V. until the incorporation of the third generation of high-density polyethylene in 1995.

In 1980, the facilities in Churriana, (Málaga) were increased, and the company ASTILLEROS “LA NORIA” was created, initiating the creation of compact models of the family pedalo.

Manuel Moreno, and his group of companies, have been and are pioneers in the manufacture of products for the nautical sector.

Since 1995, the “La Noria” group has incorporated three-layer high-density polyethylene pedal boats in its manufacturing. All pedal boats are made of TRIPLE POLYETHYLENE, WITH INTEGRATED COLOR. This means that the colors are much more resistant over the years, the color is not lost thanks to the additives "ANTI U.V.A." and the colors are kept much more vivid. It is the best material for professionals in nautical activity spaces, given its resistance to impacts and the harsh conditions to which they are subjected

Its pioneering manufacturing method in Europe is high-density three-layer polyethylene, manufactured in one-piece molds with a hole molded with a first layer of high-density polyethylene with a thickness of 4mm, followed by the second layer of 6mm foamy polyethylene. and finishing with the lamination of a third layer of polyethylene, leaving the final product with great resistance and better rigidity, and which at the same time makes it compact and totally watertight.

The “La Noria” group is recognized worldwide, since it exports its products to countries such as the ARAB EMIRATES, Egypt, Mexico, Colombia, Israel, Morocco, Vietnam, among many others. In addition to European Countries (France, Germany, Holland, England, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Cyprus, Croatia, Austria, Greece ... etc ...)

Every year it is proposed to release new models of pedal boats. In 2020 we will present new designs at the Messe Düsseldorf Boat Show 2020