• Hidropedal Hidrobeetle con tobogán


Length Width Height Seats
3,80m 1,80m 0,80m 4p 1e

Features Pedal Boat Hidrobeetle

  • New INNOVATIVE hermetic manufacturing system. We use metal moulds combined with high desnity "anti U.V.A." poluethykene, making the final product unsinkable(video)
  • It also provides high impact and abrasion resistance.(video)
  • THREE LAYERED HDPE: comprised of foam plyethylene, with double thickness and internal connections. Compact, INTEGRATED COLOURS and airtight.
  • The mechanical systems consists of a steel rod with 8 polyethylene, with double thickness and internal connections

  • Items included as standard:
  • 4 free moving wheels made from quality polyethylene with rims measuring 0,75 x 0,15 laid over nylon bushes and 2 reinforced stainless steel axles.
  • Stainless steel windshield bar. Stainless steel folding stairs located in the stern
  • A front bonnet that opens
  • Twin cranks with propulsion wheel.

  • OPCIONAL EXTRAS:Curved slide. Large wavy slide. Large straight slide. Medium size straighr slde. 3CV petrol or electric motor. 100% RECYCLABE MATERIAL