• nuevo hidroporsche hidropedal


Length Width Height Seats
3,90m 1,85m 0,90m 5p 1e

Features Pedal Boat HidroPorsche

  • New INNOVATIVE manufacturing hermetic system. We use metal moulds combined with high density “anti U.V.A.” polyethylene, making the final product unsinkable.
  • lt also provides high impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Mechanical system comprises of a stainless steel 316 rod with 8 polyethylene propulsion blades and a stainless steel 316 steering transmission.

  • ltems included as standard:
  • tairs on the stern, Safety side rails as well as a Central Folding Bow Handle: stainless steel 316
  • Nylon and Polyethylene Drain Plugs
  • 4 integrated Nylon Wheels: solid or pneumatic.

  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Great floating slide. Great wavy slide. Sliding Medium Slide.